Why Support Us?

Why Support Us?

We have submitted a planning application to Torbay Council by planning application number P/2020/0921.

As part of the application process, Planning Officers will liaise with relevant interested parties in order to decide whether the new Lidl store should be built.

As with all developments, there will be people who are for and people who are against the development and it is very important that you have your say. If you are in support of our application to redevelop the site, it is vital that you make your views are known to your local Ward Councillor.

Please visit our Reasons to Support Us page to find out more information about how Lidl’s new store will benefit Paignton.

If you wish to leave feedback on any of the above please visit our How to Support Us page. Letters or emails need not be long but, to be most effective, should ideally be focused on ‘planning issues’ as highlighted on our Reasons to Support Us page.